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Show Standards

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Hardbill Show Standards
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Colour Variant Hardbill Show Standards
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Softbill Exhibition Points Standards
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Mule & Hybrid Show Standards

Northern Debate


General opinion seems to be that Northern Birds should be excluded from the British Section and that previous recommendations on this issue by the British Bird Council should be reiterated and adhered to, However there is also strong feeling that the breeding and exhibition of these species, non indigenous to Britain, should be encouraged and wherever possible a section should be provided for Northern and European species their Mules and Hybrids, but remain debarred from British Section classification.

We as the Council should seek to draw up exhibition standards for at least some of these species in the future


British Bird Council recommendations regarding the exhibiting of Northern and European species was established at the 1996 AGM and is still in force.


At that meeting, all of the affiliated societies except one (which did not submit a return) agreed the following statement:

 “Northern species and their hybrids will have separate classifications at shows, and will NOT compete for best-in-show awards at all-British events which are only awarded to native indigenous species and their hybrids.”


Recommended wording for schedules


All Northern and European species and all Northern and Indigenous species hybrids, of which both parents are Northern or European species and hybrids of which one parent is Northern or European and the other a indigenous British bird or
domestic Canary should be entered in the Northern or European section.


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