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British Bird Council

Recommended Exhibition Rules

Below are the British Bird Council recommended rules for any show where British Birds are to be exhibited

1. Entries:

The completion of an entry form implies an express under­standing that the exhibitor accepts these rules as binding and final, and any breach of the rules will render the exhibitor liable to be disqualified and to forfeit all entrance fees.

2. Law:       

All exhibitors and exhibits must comply with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

3. Cages:    

All exhibits shall be staged in the correct standard show cages for the species as specified by the B.B.C.

4. Food:

All exhibits must be provided with all necessary utensils fitted to enable the stewards to clean and replenish, and an adequate supply of food for the duration of the show.

5. Bone Fide:

All exhibits must be the bone-fide property of the exhibitor.

6. Rings:

All birds exhibited must be ringed with a close ring approved by the Department of the Environment.

7. Entry Fees:

Must be sent with the entry form, which must be signed in the appropriate places. Entry fees will be forfeited if any exhibit does not arrive at the exhibition hall before the final time for staging.

8. Loss:

The show promoters will not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damage sustained by exhibits or exhibitors and their property nor any consequential expenses from any cause whatsoever whether these be sustained either on the way to, at or during, or returning from the exhibition.

9. Wrong Class:

The judge, whose decision is final, shall decide if any bird is wrongly classed, or if a bird is ineligible due to the nationality of the species. He shall mark the cage label accordingly, and any such exhibit is automatically disqualified from all competition.

10. Dishonest:

The judge, whose decision is final, shall decide if any bird has drawn, stained or trimmed plumage, or is in any way dishonestly shown. He shall mark the cage label accordingly. Any such exhibit is automatically disqualified and will be removed from the exhibition hall forthwith.

11. Untrained:

The judge, whose decision is final, shall decide if any bird is insufficiently trained. He shall mark the cage label accordingly. Any such exhibit is automatically disqualified and will be removed from the exhibition hall forthwith.

12. Sales:

British birds, Mules and hybrids, may be sold subject to open general licence WLF100095 and the show promoter's rules.

13. Resident Status:

Where two exhibitors reside at the same address and both exhibit British birds, they must both exhibit in the highest status of either one. This rule excludes juveniles.

14. Partnerships:

Any two names on an entry form will constitute a partner­ship.

15. Novice:

A Novice can exhibit in Novice Classes for FIVE calendar years and will then automatically become a Champion.

16. Juvenile:

A Juvenile is an exhibitor between the ages of 6 and 17 who has not competed in any other section in an open show. Junior awards and specials will only be given to birds exhibited in Junior Classes. A Juvenile may, if he wishes, exhibit in a higher status, but will not then be eligible for any Junior award or special. Once having done so, he cannot revert to Junior status.

17. Status:

An exhibitor can only exhibit in one status. This rule also applies to Juveniles.

18. Visitors:

The committee have the right to eject any person from the exhibition hall without assigning any reason if they consider it necessary or desirable. Dogs will not be allowed in the exhibition hall under any circumstances.

19. Protests:

Any exhibitor wishing to make a protest must make it in writing to the show secretary, during the show, and pay £5 deposit. The protest, will then be considered by the Committee, whose decision will be final and binding. If the protest is sustained the £5 deposit will be refunded.

20. Committee:

The exhibition promoter's committee will deal with all matters arising out of the exhibition, whether provided for in the foregoing or not, and their decision is final and absolute.

21. Judges:

Judges are not allowed to exhibit at any show where they are judging.

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