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British Bird Council

Contact Details

Hampstead House

Condover Road

West Heath


B31 3QY


Tel / Fax :   0121 4765999


E mail:


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Committee Members

Chairman:               Chris Boyce          E mail:

Vice Chairman:       Phil Shaw             Tel:   07833 573439

President:               Bob Partridge                

Sub Committee:     B Williams             E mail:

                                 R Brown                 E mail:

                                 C & J Walker          E mail:

                                 J Bavister               E mail:

                                 K Moylan                E mail:

                                 D Hammonds         E mail:


NCA Delegates:      R Brown, B Partridge & C & J Walker

IOA Delegates        B Partridge, R Brown or J Bavister 

All committee members are the elected delegates from the affiliated bird clubs of the British Bird Council


In addition, a further two delegates are elected to represent over 800 members of the Council who are not members of any affiliated club.


These "Members' Delegates" are;

  • Bob Partridge  
  • James Bavister  (01268 544336)

Anyone wishing to have a matter raised should contact them.


Thus the council truly represents all British Bird keepers!

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