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British Bird Council

Closed Ring Purchase

Please see the ring size chart to determine the rings applicable for the species you intend to breed;       ring size chart



Rings are sold from January 1st to August 31st  each year


Please Include £2.00 Extra per order towards Post &  Packing.


Rings are normally sold in packets of 10; the minimum order being 10  rings of any one size.

The BBC offers both its standard brown ring and also COM rings;

See below for details of both options





All rings are coloured brown and are stamped "BC" with size code, serial number of ring and year                 

(most sizes are generally in stock for immediate dispatch)



COST OF RINGS  (Per pack of 10)


A to T Inclusive


U to X Inclusive


Z to ZA Inclusive




£ 4.00


£ 4.75


£ 8.00




£ 10.00


£ 11.00


£ 15.00


Confederation Ornithogique Mondiale - COM I.D CODED RINGS


(COM rings are not kept in stock and early order is advisable)


The British Bird Council issue COM closed rings as an alternative in addition to the standard brown BBC closed rings.

COM rings are year colour coded, with a six year sequence:

2022 - Dark Brown

2023 - Dark Blue

2024 - Red

2025 - Black

2026 - Green


From 2028 the cycle restarts with dark brown etc.


BBC COM rings are only issued to members, they are marked BC, followed by a registered ID code, year date, size code and issue number.  Each order of your rings has to be run off by the manufacturer to bear your registered ID.  This makes them a little more expensive to purchase and also means a little more time needs to be allowed for delivery of your order.


We are supplying more of these rings year on year as birds correctly ringed with these rings are accepted throughout Europe for exhibition and sale.


The year colour code generally makes their age known at a glance. The registered ID code allows quick identification of the breeder as no-one else will have your ID code - in effect crediting the breeder’s personal achievements.


COST OF RINGS  (Per pack of 10)


A to T Inclusive


U to X Inclusive


Y to Z Inclusive




£ 5.00


£ 6.00






Not Available





Purchase of Rings


Pay by Cheque:

You can download the order form using link below & send it to us and pay by cheque making it payable to British Bird Council.

Pay over the Phone (OUR PREFERED METHOD):

You can place & pay for your order by phone using a credit/debit card.

Please ensure you have the following details ready when phoning, to speed up the process:

  • A full list of the ring sizes you require - ring sizes can be found on the ring chart

  • The bird species they are for 

  • The quantity of each size required

  • Have your credit / debit card at hand for payment


Please be aware, that in line with GDPR the British Bird Council will securely store your name, address and contact details, along with rings ordered, but not share this data with any other party. By the purchasing rings from the BBC you are agreeing to this data storage.

Click On Link to go to Downloads for the ring application forms


Rings are dispatched in padded envelopes, postal damage is unlikely, but rings should be checked on arrival. 


Please note a slight misalignment of digits or a slight flaking of white inlay does occur in manufacture and should not be a matter of concern as it is totally different to damage caused when a ring is tampered with.




Due to changes made by Royal Mail our post does not arrive until mid – late afternoon. 

This will unfortunately cause potential delays in our service.


Can you please bear this in mind when placing your ring orders.

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